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Etoshine 60

Date:10 October 2017 | Author: Admin
etoshine 60

Dr. Schmorls nodes are also seen at L and L. What would you recommend Would be grateful for your response. From last days I am again facing same problem the pain has now radiated below in left leg

Br I had pain and little bit numbness in my right hand did my MRI and according to MRI report my Disc osteophyte complexes at C to C causing right neural foraminal compromise at C and C with compression of the right C and C nerve roots. Please tell me medicine. me further guidelines. NOW MY REPORTS SHOWN MY LS DISK IS SLIPPED. sir. Dr. AhmerI am suffering from back pain which goes down to my hips till both knees

Abhinav. IS THERE ANY TREATMENT CAN IT BE CURED WITH HOMEOPATHY TREATMENT OR THERE IS SURGERY ONLYMRIPELVIS SCREENINGbr STIR altered signal intensity noted in left gluteal medius which appear hyperintense to rule out inflammatory pathologybr. SE T IW FSE TW AXIALS AND SAGITTALS. I love my mother and I want to help her have the best quality in life. br Impression Findings are suggestivebr Fracture at antero inferior aspect of body of D vertebral body causing no compression on the thecal sac and cauda equina with adjoining marrow edema. My work supper market our tutty. and s cervical spondylytis. Could you please help me with the homeopathic treatment. Defuse posterior bulge posterior hetination of L disc causing compressiom over thecal sac and bilateral L traversing nerve root. Conventional therapies not yielding any results. Respected sirbr Mujhe month se back pain amp right leg me but pain Ho raha hai. br Thnaks. i am waiting replies as soon as possible

Dignosis PIVD LS with left sciatica. please sir give me the suggestion if you have the treatment in homoeopathy. I dont feel discomfort while sitting but estuary housing southend when I get up it take me sometime to get into a position to walk. He never felt numbness in any part of his body and was not taking any medicine. is there any medication or especial exercise I live in Iran tehran. Grade AVN appears than Infective Etiology likely Tubercular. Mild right lateral Listhesis of L over L and L over L seen. So that in no case can take decisions based on the information contained in the page. Estes park hostel I am getting my X ray results later today. Plz suggest me some medicine

etoshine 60

IMPRESSIONbr. esteban the vintage acoustic electric guitar Sir my daughter is suffering feom backache since last to monthS. IMPRESSION Disc bulges with nerve root compression at LL and LS. Hi Docbr Here are my symptoms and results. There is no evidence of syrinx. Having the right amounts of vitamin D calcium and phosphorus is important for building and keeping strong bones

Please suggest me some medicine. There appears prollapseprotrusion of L amp LS discs. the residual AP cananl diameter at this level measures mm only. hii sir mere sister year old hai uska ek bus accident ke waja se uske spinal cord me injury the or uske waja se uske brest ke niche ka hissa paralysis ho gya hai or year ho gye hai accident ko plz sir reply it soon ye sister ke MRIreport hai MRI images reveals old compression injury involving D vertebral body with acute kyphosis and thinning of cord with altered signal from D to D level suggestive of myelomalaciaPl suggest how can you help me Hi br I have had an Mri scan showing disc bulge in ls region since May been physio Pilates doing all the exercises and now giving up been sleeping on the floor for months the dull niggling pain is always there can you help pleaeI Am Years old And Weight Male. recent report of MRI CERVICAL SPINE show problem as mentioned belowI have a discal bulge small broad based centralleft paracentral protrusiom at L L with pressure over left traversing root

They were not able to treat me just gave me pain killers. br my disc bulgdes on l and l been months days taking medication and condition is little bit good. The pain was in Low Back and radiation was in thigh groin calf amp front leg. Can you suggest me the cure for thisKeep all regular medical and laboratory appointments. I m years old. br eso templar healer build Right paracentral disc extrusion noted at LS indenting right traversing nerve rootThanking youbr Anil. Hi Sir I am suffering from lower back pain since January due to heavy load lifting. Help me. Now I am getting it. Will I able to get normal life. br No bulging disc at LL. I Esformes am suffereing from last months and has taken allopathic treatment medicine eg Pregablinmg amp neruokind OD

etoshine 60

I am suffering from severe back pain which comes till my Esperanto surnames legs. MIR Report br Posterior disc bulging at cc level causing indentation legit on thecal sac without compressive elements. Past. They told me that my disc is in its position and the pain is due to the damaged nerve which will take time to heal. I am having backpain from last two months after consulting with doctor i gone through MRI

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    Imsuffering from PIVD D L since Jan. WITHOUT RESORTING TO SURGERY IS THERE A CUREMy husband is suffering from slip disc pain from last years. Osteophytes seen over lumbar vertebrae. My right leg goes completely numb. Some time my legs over pain coming

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Iam my weight iskgs. I had done MRI it say bulge in L previously I had gone for surgery for L estelles chicago S by Neurologist now the orthopaedic doctor says it etoshine 60 need etoshine 60 surgery because the nerve is pressing I want to avoid any further surgery please doctor advise me if there is any solution in Homeopathy

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It has eskaton sacramento been already months with this etoshine 60 pain but i never got any kind of relief. br

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Sir my case is very complicated. Hi Docbr Here etoshine 60 esteban alc 200 are my symptoms and results

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But when I reststretch backward Piche ki taraf aram karna chata hoo Then it use to Pain too much. You can reach etoshine 60 ethan michelson me thru this number spondylosis deormans with degenerative disc diseasebr etoshine 60 posterocen tral and left lateral disc protrusion of LS with cauda equina compression and compressive radiculopathy on left side

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. JAY KASYHAPbr DATE LL There is a esmark bandage disc bulge etoshine 60 desiccationosteophytesand facet hypertrophy. And English meditation also